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Every week, we collect and publish a summary of all news articles regarding Racism in Sport and Human Trafficking, both domestically and internationally. Click "Read More" to see monthly summaries, as well as all summaries dating back to January 2014. 

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DOMESTIC (June 26 - July 2, 2017)


Connecticut Hotel Workers Train To Spot Human Trafficking

  • (Hartford, Connecticut) Last year Connecticut became the first state to pass a law that required human trafficking training for hotel employees.  Training sessions are currently underway and will conclude in October of this year.  Marriot International, nonprofit groups, and the Connecticut Lodging Association have developed the curriculum and programs.  

Local Group Hopes To Bring Awareness To Wisconsin Human Trafficking

  • (Schofield, Wisconsin) Covenant Community Presbyterian Church in Schofield hosted a human trafficking training session for around 50 volunteers.  The goal of the meeting was to help people recognize warning signs of modern day slavery. 

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INTERNATIONAL (June 26 - July 2, 2017)

The Dark Business Of Human Trafficking Threatens Young Women In Peru

  • (Peru) According to the Global Slavery Index, Peru has tens of thousands of human trafficking victims and is one of the countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in the Americas. The majority affected were women and girls who are lured through misleading job ads, and taken to the southern part of the country, into areas known for illegal gold mining.

Post-Gaddafi Libya Sees Spike In Human Trafficking

  • (Libya) According to government officials, the number of cases of human trafficking has increased in recent years in Libya. This situation threated the national security of Libya and promoted the spread of terrorism throughout the region. According to the head, most of the refugees in Europe were from poor African countries and Syria.

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Latest: Racism in Sport

Racism in Sport (June 18-24, 2017)

Mick Cronin: NBA Draft System 'Hints at Racism'

  • Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin claims that the NBA Draft system oppresses against black players. Cronin, a veteran to coaching at the collegiate level has found great success while at Cincinnati, but during his time in the field he has one issue that has never been able to wrap his head around. The one and done rule which prevents college players from going bro from as early as high school, an option that amateur baseball players have the option of doing, is a peeve that Cronin is not quite a fan of. Cronin goes on to explain that this rule hints at racism as, basketball players are majority African American, while baseball players are predominantly black. “Why can one group be trusted to make decisions and the other is being regulated? No matter what the rules, people will make mistakes.”

No Racism in Sochi, Mayor Insists After Racism Row at Parade

  • Sochi’s mayor Anatoly Pakhomo, reassures soccer fans that there will be no racism present at the 2018 World Cup after Russia’s host city held a parade depicting several racist incidents. Some of the offensive images included a person wearing an afro style wig, painted in black face with bananas hanging from their neck. Another person was dressed in a Cameroon jersey with a head wrap as they beat a drum down the street. Mayor Pakhomo responded to the incident in stating, "we need to inform the residents of the city about what is unpleasant for different ethnicities." He then concluded that “There is no racism in Sochi because this is a city where many ethnicities live."

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