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Every week, we collect and publish a summary of all news articles regarding Racism in Sport and Human Trafficking, both domestically and internationally. Click "Read More" to see monthly summaries, as well as all summaries dating back to January 2014. 

Latest: Human Trafficking

Weekly Updates

DOMESTIC (April 24 - 30, 2017)


Study Provides Important Revelations About Human Trafficking In America

  • According to recent studies, over twenty percent of homeless youth have claimed to be victims of human trafficking.  Homeless individuals are increasingly more vulnerable to traffickers, who prey on the desire for basic necessities.  The Covenant House is the largest network of safety shelters in the country and is promoting the findings to raise awareness of the terrible crime. 

Human Trafficking Suspects Take Plea Deal

  • (Antioch, California) Two suspects of human trafficking have agreed to a plea deal that will to shorter sentences.  The two men were accused of taking a young girl to San Francisco and forcing her into prostitution.

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INTERNATIONAL (April 24-30, 2017)

Human Trafficking: FG Seeks Stronger Ties With Finland

  • (Nigeria) The Federal Government has sought an increased collaboration with the government of Finland in order to reduce the incidences of human trafficking and illegal migration in the two countries, identifying sustained cooperation, capacity building, surveillance as well as intelligence sharing, as some of the basic ingredients for combating the menace of human trafficking

Raising Awareness On Human Trafficking In Eastern Ontario

  • (Canada) Victim Services Organized the workshop which was meant to raise awareness among community partners like Valoris and the OPP. There were about 70 participants from various organizations. During the workshop, they explained how human trafficking is often less apparent than other serious crimes.

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Latest: Racism in Sport

Racism in Sport (April 24-30, 2017)

Etihad Stadium management investigating allegations an AFL fan racially abused a Lions trainer

  • During a recent AFL game between the Western Bulldogs and the Brisbane Lions, it was reported that a fan racially abused a Lions trainer as captured through a spectator’s video. The abuse was caused by a call caused by the trainer resulting in the fans team facing penalty. Outraged, the fan yelled, ““go back to the f---ing Chinese takeaway, you d---head”. Other fan witnesses reported the abuse to be disgusting and excessive as the fan then proceeded to abuse the game’s umpires. Spectators who witnessed the man’s behavior, reported the man’s row and seat number to officials who are now working with the AFL to identify the disruptive man.

Former NRL Player Justin Carney Accused of Racism In Super League

  • Rugby player Justin Carney of Salford looks at a possible 8-game ban of Super League games as he is accused of alleged racial abuse against Ryan Bailey of the Toronto Wolfpack. Salford had made it clear that they plan to execute an internal investigation as the Carney was also charged by the RFL’s match review panel with verbal abuse based on race/color. The review panel has charged Carney with the most severe level of offence that could punish him with an extended suspension beyond his possible 8-game ban.

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