DOMESTIC (March 01-05, 2017)


Founder Of Anti Human Trafficking Group Making Inroads In Eastern Iowa

  • (Robins, Iowa)  Teresa Davidson has been fighting human trafficking in Eastern Iowa for almost 14 years by forming conferences, affiliate groups and mission trips.  Davidson recently founded, Chains Interrupted, an organization that aims to continue the fight against modern day slavery.  The group is currently working on creating a safe house in the area for victims.  

Fourth Annual Hope For Human Trafficking To Raise Awareness

  • (Fishers, Indiana) The 4th annual Hope for Human Trafficking event will be held at the Savior Lutheran church in Fishers to raise awareness of the crime.  Ball State student, Lauren Baney, created the occasion after she learned of the horrors of modern day slavery.  The event will feature live music, educational sessions, and exhibits.

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INTERNATIONAL (March 01-05, 2017)

First Binational Forum On Human Trafficking

  • (Yucatan, Mexico) The first bi-national forum on human trafficking was held to discuss modern day slavery occurring in the United States and Mexico.  Leaders attending acknowledged that they had a long way to go and that actions of the government have been lacking.  

Perak Police Rescue 18 Human Trafficking Victims In Gerik

  • (Perak, Malaysia) Authorities in Perak have rescued 18 human trafficking victims from an oil palm plantation in Gerik.  A married couple was in charge of the operation and forced young children and others to work long hours without pay.  The perpetrators have been detained and the investigation is proceeding.

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Latest: Racism in Sport

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Latest: Human Trafficking

Racism in Sport (February 21-24, 2016)

Sage Steele: ‘The Worst Racism That I Have Received Has Come from Black People’

  • ESPN television anchor, Sage Steele attended a conference alongside Super Bowl champion Tony Dungy and former player Ben Watson. The conference focused on the idea of the intersection of race and faith in America, however the content of the discussion received little attention despite the publicity the conference received as an event. Steele, who is a biracial woman in an interracial relationship, stated that she thinks that black people need to reflect on their own actions before putting the blame on others. She went on to say that often times African Americans are committing the same acts that they accuse others of and that the worst racism she ever experienced came from that of black people.  Despite such bold claims of accountability, Steele’s views received almost no attention from media, which is arguably suspected to be due to the common narrative in sports media that racism only comes white people.  

Bastia punished over Mario Balotelli 'racist abuse'

  • Following an incident of racial abuse from Bastia fans against Nice’s Mario Balotelli, Bastia has been reprimanded by Ligue 1. During the game fans were caught on camera making monkey gestures and shouting racist connotations towards Balotelli. At the conclusion of the game Balotelli tweeted, “So is racism legal in France? Or only in Bastia? Football is an amazing sport, but people like Bastia supporters make it horrible. Truly a disgrace.” Bastia has been ordered to play their next three games with a closed stadium and will suffer a suspended one-point league deduction to satisfy their punishment.

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