DOMESTIC (November 08-13, 2016)


Conference Raises Awareness For Human Trafficking

  • (Carterville, Illinois) A meeting hosted by the Centerstone Crisis Center was held in order to raise awareness for human trafficking in Southern Illinois.  Numerous speakers at the event taught attendees how to recognize risk factors and urged them to continue the fight against modern day slavery.  

Two Missing Teens Rescued From Alleged Human Traffickers In New Orleans

  • (New Orleans, Louisiana) New Orleans authorities recently rescued two teenage girls, who had been reported missing.  Both teens were discovered in hotel rooms where human sex traffickers had held them captive.

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INTERNATIONAL (November 08-13, 2016)

Training And Awareness To Fight Human Trafficking In PNG

  • (Papua New Guinea) The International Organization for Migration has been working to improve the dire human trafficking situation in Papua New Guinea.  The group has conducted training workshops and organized programs to raise awareness.   

Human Trafficking And Forced Marriages

  • Human trafficking is an extremely prevalent issue throughout the world.  Forced marriage is another similar worldwide problem that, despite its almost equally negative effects, is usually overlooked.

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Latest: Racism in Sport

Dr. Richard Lapchick, Director

Every week, we collect and publish a summary of all news articles regarding Racism in Sport and Human Trafficking, both domestically and internationally. Click "Read More" to see monthly summaries, as well as all summaries dating back to January 2014. 

Latest: Human Trafficking

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The Institute for
Diversity and Ethics in Sport

Racism in Sport (November 20-26, 2016)

Cambridge Probe Racism Claims

  • After a game against Cambridge United, Wycombe striker Adebayo Akinfenwa went on twitter to speak on the racist abuse he experienced from Cambridge fans. Cambridge United has directed their full attention to the matter and have demonstrated a commitment to thorough investigation of the incident with the cooperation of the Wycombe Wanderers.

Sporting governance boards ‘out of step’ with their BAME figures

  • Research by Sporting Equals has uncovered that 90% of sports governing organizations have no members for the BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) community in leadership positions. In analyzing the racial make-up of 68 sport boards, there is only one chair and one chief executive from the BAME community. Out of 601 board members, only 4% or 26 members are from the BAME community. 18% of sport participants are from the BAME population, while also making up 14% of the population all together. Chris Grant, CEO of Sported stated, “There’s a squeamishness in society at large. A system has to work quite hard to have so few black people. We need to get less squeamish about talking about institutional racism”.

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