Red Sand Project at Tougaloo: From Message to Movement

  • (Tougaloo, MS) Tougaloo College will become part of a global art initiative Tuesday aimed at raising awareness about modern-day slavery and exploitation. The red sand project sends red sand art packs to use on cracks on the sidewalks, and then encourages people to send in their photos of it. It is supposed to symbolize the people who have fallen through the cracks.

Church to Host Anti-Human Trafficking Training

  • (Brentwood, TN) Just after a big sting in human trafficking in Tennessee, a church is now hosting anti-human trafficking training to combat the problem. A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent will lead the training.

Wolfeboro Man Arrested for Impersonating Officer, Pointing Gun at Suspected 'Human Traffickers'

  • (Salem, MA) A man was arrested for impersonating an officer and brandishing a gun at people who he thought were involved in human trafficking. Turns out the people were just meeting from an online dating website.

UCSD Professor Susan Narucki's 'Cuatro Corridos' Leads to a Latin Grammy Nomination

  • (San Diego, CA) Cuatro Corridos, an opera about Human Trafficking, has earned a nomination at the Latin Grammys. Each act is a different human trafficking story that highlights different parts of the human trafficking world.

Bismarck Native Fights for Victims

  • (Washington D.C) Lindsey Ellis will be addressing, along with others, members of Congress in Washington D.C. this weekend. She is the head of the Covering House, a non-profit in St. Louis that provides resources and healing to victims of human trafficking.

Human Sex Trafficking is Happening in Pennsylvania

  • (Harrisburg, PA) Short article written about how human trafficking is happening within their state of Pennsylvania. They also give the national hotline out for anyone to use to help themselves, or to help others.

Complete Holiday Shopping While Fighting to End Human Trafficking

  • (Provo, UT) The Gift of Freedom will be held on Tuesday November 14th, when local companies will donate 100% of earnings to Operation Underground Railroad.

SAMANTHA NURMENNIEMI, Franklin: Bill Targeting Human Trafficking Should Be Passed

  • (Quincy, MA) In a letter to the editor Samantha tells the Patriot Ledger how pleased she is that plans have been put in place to help hotel staff recognize signs of human trafficking and other illegal activities.

Eat Wild Game, Stop Human Trafficking

  • (Hampton County, SC) Jubilee Market, a Christian-based-non-profit, whose mission includes ending human trafficking, held a barbeque to raise funds for an old factory which will become a meeting place for the organization.

UNC International Justice Mission Fasts to Fight Human Trafficking

  • (Chapel Hill, NC) The International Justice Mission held a Freedom Fast on North Carolina’s, and 100 other campuses. Students fasted for 24 hours and donated 24 dollars to the mission to raise awareness for human trafficking.

Judge Sets $150K Bond for Human Trafficking Suspect

  • (Altus, OK) Malcom Jefferson was charged with human trafficking and conspiracy to commit child prostitution. Court date has been scheduled for December 14th, with a bond of $150,000.

Hotels and Motels Have Role in Anti-Trafficking Movement

  • (Newton County, IA) A local group “Newton Says No to Human Trafficking” is working with local hotels and motels to raise awareness and train employees on human trafficking.

Montana U.S. Attorney's Office Hosting Meeting and Training On Human Trafficking

  • (Billings, MT) The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Montana, is hosting a meeting and training on the status of human trafficking for the regional human trafficking task forces. The training will take place on Tuesday November 14th at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Billings, where they will discuss the status of human trafficking in Montana.

Anti-human trafficking presentation focuses on protecting kids

  • (Billings, MT) A public session for parents and teachers to discuss ways to protect children from human trafficking is set for Tuesday. The Yellowstone County Area Huma Trafficking Task Force, the FBI and Deliver fund will host the presentation “Technology and Human Trafficking Parents and Teachers Protecting Children in the Digital Age” from 6 to 8 p.m. at Rocky Mountain College’s Fortin Center.

Human trafficking grows worldwide

  • (Dodge City, KS) The Dodge City Public Library will be hosting Human Trafficking: Closer Than You Think to discuss how close human trafficking epidemic is close to the city. Their goal is to look at the facts and statistics of human trafficking around the world and recognize the signs of a trafficked person.

Attorney General Andy Beshear rolls out new program to fight human trafficking in hotels

  • (Kentucky) On Tuesday Attorney General Andy Beshear announced an initiative that targets ending human trafficking in Kentucky hotels. The new training program is called “See something- Say Something- Save a life” to help hotel employees across the state identify and report human trafficking when they see it taking place.

Kentucky hotels recruited in fight against human trafficking

  • (Louisville, KY) The campaign announced Tuesday by Attorney General Andy Beshear urges Kentucky hotel owners to sign a pledge to have their staff complete online human trafficking training. The training warns them to look for signs of sex trafficking and instructs hotel staff on how to safely report the crime.

Kalamazoo Gets New Human Trafficking Shelter

  • (Kalamazoo, MI) Early next year, the city of Kalamazoo will have a shelter for victims of human trafficking. The state and local funding will support the shelter. The shelter will help those afraid to leave find a place to stay after they’re removed from a bad situation.

‘I wanna hear screaming’: Human trafficking, torture case opens with unnerving phone call

  • (Martinez, CA) Deandre Lewis was charged with 40 felonies, including murder by way of a coerced suicide, human trafficking, conspiracy, rape, false imprisonment, torture, aggravated mayhem, assault with a firearm, kidnapping, pandering a minor and other sexual assault charges. Testimony began Monday morning, and the trial is expected to last well into 2018.

Report: ‘Every 16-year-old girl in Fresno’ has been approached by sex-traffickers, police say

  • (Fresno, CA) One police detective claims that every 16-year-old girl in Fresno has been approached by sex traffickers because human trafficking is so rampant in the city. One detective said that he has seen sex trafficking victims from every high school in Fresno county and most Junior schools.


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​Dr. Richard Lapchick, Director